Hello everyone. Jon and I are expecting a baby in February of 2011. Follow all the excitement with us, www.babeeegirl.blogspot.com 
So Jon is addicted to tattoos, if there was someone who was not aware of that already. This time is a little different though, he has decided on starting some color ink. So far he has gotten the outline finished and will go back for a few more sittings to get all the color detail. Here is the newest addition to Jons galleria: 
"Oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree!" Our first christmas in our new house, as a married couple! We bought a fakey, its beautiful though. We had help decorating it from Ricky, Christine and Oscar, it came out awesome! Now that we've got the new tv and the xmas decorations up...its time to start entertaining. Any takers? Sign up below!
Christmas has come early!
Well we have definitely made the house our own. We are really enjoying married life. Some new changes include:
1) Jons overdue checkup with the doctor. He finally has health insurance, after roughly 5 years without it. He is as healthy as a horse aside from his allergies to EVERYTHING. The poor guy has to be allergy tested and it looks they will be giving him a ridiculous amount of shots. Ewwww.
2) We now have life insurance policies so if I mysteriously croak, i demand an autopsy.
3) And we saved a ton of money on car insurance.

Also, for your viewing pleasure:

Halloween 2009

Everyone needs to check them out...if you were at the wedding, then there is a picture of you....they all look awesome! I love them....let me know what your favorites are. :)
Final count: 104!!!!!!! yay, see you all there!
So Jonny and  I closed on our first home on 7/31. We have everything moved in, thanks to the help of all of our friends and family! So far the only "problem" that we have run into is we cannot fit our box spring up the stairs into our bedroom. So for now we are camping out on the floor (on our mattress). We bought a refrigerator, next up is a tv and washer and dryer. Ughhh, so expensive

Jonny and I were movie stars today, we will be making special appearances in The Fighter.
Well we were definitely there for the London fight scene, I hope you can see us. We were picked to be in the second row, with all the VIP's and paid extra's. I have no idea why, although I do know that if Jonny had worn a suit coat, we wouldve been able to stay in the front row! Oh well, second row is good enough for me!


We finally finished* our registry. We did one at Bed Bath and Beyond and a simpler one at Target. Nothing else going on...