So I havent been able to sleep because I am so excited to see how our engagement pictures turned out. For anyone who had not heard me talking about it, Jonny and I had a "couples intimates"/boudoir session this past weekend. We met our photographer at the Hotel Marlowe in Cambridge and took some sexy pictures...I made sure she was not the craigslist killer first, though. Jonny sure seemed to know what he was doing, I think Mr. GQ may have done them before.

 Now those of you that know me at all, Im sure your expecting to see them since the one thing you should know is that I am not shy. Not to worry, it was very "tasteful", and in 50 years Jon and I will be able to look back and remember how hot we were.


Arrrrh, sounds good big E. We all look forward to seeing the pictures. Everything sounds like it is comming togeather. ttyl ...1....


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